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5 Tips for Launching a Luxury Start-up — Make a Great Impression

Johnnie Walker, Gancia Prosecco and Bacardi — these renowned luxury brands have something start-ups do not: decades of history and a towering name recognised the world over. So, how can a new brand, without an elaborate back-story, attract the luxury market? While it is possible to build a luxury brand from scratch, it requires more than simply an outstanding product.

1. Be Rare but Available

A luxury product is never mundane. Make the product available through exclusive avenues that reflect your brand values. Your product and your brand logo must only appear on shelves next to items of the same calibre. Be specific when targeting your customers.

2. Customer Experience is Key

Customers who buy luxury items expect stellar customer service, and they are willing to pay more to ensure that their experience is a cut above the rest. If the worst happens, and your customers find fault with your product, ensure that you have the best response to keep them satisfied.

3. Packaging is Your Introduction

The way the product is packaged and the experience of unpacking it are important elements of the luxury experience. Johnnie Walker, Gancia Prosecco and Bacardi are all Signet clients, and they have worked with our experts to help build packaging innovations. Aside from catching clients’ attention on the store shelves, exclusive packaging reminds buyers that they are handling an extraordinary item.

4. Explain Why You Deserve the Luxury Tag

While well-known, exclusive brands do not need to explain the merits of their product, a luxury start-up needs introductions. Ensure that your packaging and promotional material highlights the superiority of your product. The product may be artisanal, a limited run, bespoke or made using exclusive technology. Hence, do not expect luxury customers to choose your product simply because of the price: attract them with its uniqueness.

5. Give Gifts

Giving tokens to customers is a great way to let them know your business is unlike anyone else’s. However, in the luxury business, these trinkets must be of premium quality. Custom metal badges, leather straps and other premium gifts are certain to make clients feel valued and a connection with the brand

Consequently, Signet helps brands, both young and old, create memorable product packaging. Superior products must look superior. Our company uses premium materials with both traditional and modern production techniques to build the best embellishments and designs for our clients. If you are a start-up looking to shine, contact us by email at or by telephone on 01733 396080.

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