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We were asked for a metal cartouche to decorate these bespoke bottles to make them really stand out – they wanted something unique that befitted this new whisky ‘all-made in Islay’ – from distilling, maturing, bottling and labelling.


Kilchoman Distillery, a relative ‘newcomer’ to the industry, opened its distillery in 2005, being the first to be built on Islay soil for 124 years, intending to give a true grass roots experience of whisky, from barley to bottling. With this in mind, Signet worked hard with Breeze Creative to reflect these values in the Kilchoman brand signature look, and the new whisky releases are no exception. Bespoke die cast coins were produced in different colours for different whiskeys in the family.

Specialist Processes: Plating and Colour Filling


We were very clear from the outset that our packaging should reflect a premium image and the metal cartouche was very much part of this process.
Anthony Wills, Managing Director