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Lucid’s design agency Spring Design originally approached Signet with the brief to design a cut out applique for Lucid’s superior absinthe, which we then evolved.


Signet provided various costs and options and the client chose the Trilaminate as this met their budget, delivery deadlines and the effect they were trying to create. The material is processed in a specialist machine which ultrasonically welds and forms the appliqués ‎in a mould – clever stuff!

Specialist Processes: Printing and Embossing

Signet’s responsive team was wonderful to work with during the redesign of Lucid Absinthe. Signet developed a unique label that will catch the consumer’s eye, but will still fit into our current supply chain system. Signet’s high-quality deliverables were timely and on-budget. Lucid Absinthe is very happy with the new Signet-sourced label. Thank you!
Hood River Distillers Inc.