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The client had tried numerous different ideas (including manually cutting strips of tape which would get stuck on surfaces if not applied instantly to the bottle), to cut through the wax on the bottles they had trialled. They didn’t want their customers to have to use a knife or nails, they wanted an easy and quick way to open the wax finished bottle.




We supplied samples of ribbon tear strips which are strengthened to ensure the ribbon does not stretch on application or in use.

The ribbon tear strip also has a ‘dry tab’ at the end which means the ribbon does not lie completely flat, allowing the wax to cover the ribbon, but also allowing a small amount of ribbon to show to allow the consumer easy unwinding.

The tear strip cuts through the wax, leaving a neat border of wax on the bottle and allowing the stopper to be pulled free.

The tear strips were supplied with adhesive on the back and pre-cut on a roll to save time during application.