Steeped in myth and legend, the mist-cloaked banks of Loch Ness have been home to the Cameron-Ross family and their ancestors for more than 500 years – and it’s here that their family-run distillery produces some of Scotland’s finest small batch gin, using ingredients sourced from the surrounding area and water from the loch itself. Grand Gin was a limited edition release developed by the distillery specifically to raise funds for the independent Highland Hospice.


The inspiration for Grand Gin came to director Lorien Cameron-Ross whilst she was on a fundraising trek through the Grand Canyon to raise funds for the hospice as part of the company’s desire to give something back to their local community. On the trip, a ranger pointed out some American juniper, which was very different in appearance to the berries found in Scotland – used to make the brand’s staple gins. Lorien soon roped her 35 fellow Highlanders into helping her pick the juniper. She explained: “I told everyone that if they helped me pick the berries they would get some of the gin, and there were plenty offers of help. We became juniper mules, but it was all legit!”
Returning to Scotland, Loch Ness embarked on a very special project to create a limited edition gin using a blend of both local and American juniper berries, with all proceeds going towards the Hospice. Their mission was given renewed purpose and poignancy when one of Lorien’s fellow trekkers sadly passed away not long after the trip.


Because this was a charity project, Loch Ness sought support from companies across the UK to keep costs to a minimum. 250 bottles of this exclusive gin were made and everything from the bottles themselves to the labels and sealing wax were donated – but just because this was a charity project didn’t mean that Loch Ness were willing to compromise on the deluxe appeal of this exclusive bottling. Here at Signet, we were absolutely delighted to partner with Loch Ness to ensure that the opening experience for Grand Gin was befitting of a luxury craft gin, and we did so by supplying 300 of our renowned ribbon tear strips. Featuring a strong non-stretch ribbon with a dry tab end, they’re easy to apply to the bottleneck and make the addition of bottle sealing wax a breeze while enabling the consumer to effortlessly open the bottle, leaving a clean edge on the wax.


Signet was extremely proud to partner on this project, which is just one of several charitable initiatives we’ve been delighted to support. The result for Loch Ness was an incredibly exclusive gin bottling that will never be repeated – a wonderful memento of a very special trip and a fitting tribute to Lenise Chisholm, the lady who passed away after the Grand Canyon trek. Each 500ml bottle was priced at £44.99 and the product sold out online not long after it was launched, raising almost £5,000 for the Highland Hospice.

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Never under-estimate the impact of finish elements like a seal. It’s not always about print or labelling!

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