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The client gave us a visual of the finished pack showing the neck collar, this included details of the pattern design, finished colour but no details of how the collar was to be joined.

The client also gave us detailed glass decanter drawings from which we were able to take the internal and external dimensions.


We produced a first prototype before there was any glass samples which the client liked but was unsure of the joining method as they felt it was too difficult to apply.

After receiving the first glass samples we produced another sample with a greatly revised joining method, the client approved this but further samples were produced as the glass dimensions on the samples produced varied considerably from the drawings.

With actual glass samples we were able to get actual dimensions and allow for tolerance to get the correct dimensions for a perfect fit.

The finished colour was very important and as a number of samples were produced we were able to adjust the colour to gain approval for both the design and finish

Signet proactively produced a number of prototypes and samples, their knowledge and expertise became apparent as they tenaciously interpreted the design brief creating the desired finished product with a cleverly engineered hidden clip mechanism. Signet were able to match the Brand colour, this together with their persistence secured the order for the V5 neck collar, we are very pleased with the end product.