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Why is colour important in packaging?

When you think about some of the big brands like Cadbury, Coca Cola, Jack Daniels etc. often the first thing that comes to mind is the logo and therefore the colour of the packaging. If you saw a chocolate bar in purple wrapping you would automatically associate it with Cadbury wouldn’t you?

Colours are evocative

Research suggests that you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. That’s not a lot of time, so using subconscious indicators can help to convey a message quickly.

There is a whole psychology behind choosing colours for your brand. For example, black packaging is often used to promote a more expensive product whereas red promotes excitement and energy according to Empowered By Colour’s packaging colors guide.

Jameson whiskey bottle

Not all colours mean the same worldwide, for example in China, red symbolises good luck and prosperity but in western cultures it’s associated with passion, excitement and sometimes danger. It’s always best to consider who your audience is and make sure your packaging suits their associations with the colour – Tip, blue is considered the safest option!.

lucid bottle

How colours affect purchasing behaviour

Visual cues play a huge role in consumer purchasing behaviour. A study by Kissmetrics says that 85% of shoppers place colour as a primary reason for buying a product.

queen bee bottle

It’s all about creating brand awareness so that people see your packaging and associate it with who you are and the great work you do. The Kissmetrics study shows there is an 80% increase in brand awareness due to colours. If your product or brand is new to someone, the colour of the packaging can be a good indicator for them.

Signet can help you create packaging that stands out and has those extra little touches that create the statement you want for your brand. With processes such as injection moulding and die-casting, we can get the colours you need to be front and center of customer minds.

ted baker packaging

If you’ve got a question about choosing colours for packaging or want some more information please email or phone on +44(0)1733 396080.