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The Colour Psychology behind Gold, Silver and Bronze in Packaging Design

The colours you see on packaging designs were not decided on a whim. They were carefully selected to invoke the various feelings and emotions that a brand would like to be associated with. In fact, colour psychology is a subtle marketing strategy geared towards setting your products apart from others.

Luxury packaging designs often incorporate gold, silver and bronze embellishments in their packaging. They are often associated with the elements’ value in the market but the influence these colours have on the consumer goes further than that.


Gold is the colour of success and affluence. This colour harnesses masculine energy and the power of the sun with its strong, warm undertones. It is the colour that is most often linked to champions. For products with black packaging, a contrasting gold embellishment creates a luxurious appearance.


Silver is a gentler colour than gold, representing feminine energy and the sensitivity of the moon. It is the colour of grace and elegance. The cooler undertones of silver blend well with lighter colours and serve as a highlight that adds a touch of sophistication. It also works well with darker colours and gives products a modern, hi-tech look.


Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin. It belongs to the family of browns, and it is a colour of associated with maturity and earthiness. Similar to the colour psychology of brown, the colour exudes the aura of nature and ideas of experience, growth, strength and security. It symbolises earthly riches and comfort, which invokes an intimate response in the consumer.

Signet creates embellishments that add luxury to a liquor bottle. A look at our collection of finished projects will show that each embellishment is intricately designed to enhance the product, elevating its magnificence.

We believe in the power of premium packaging. Here at Signet, the making of our medallion embellishments involve meticulous design and skilled die-casting processes. Our 20 years of experience and commitment to giving your desired packaging embellishment allows you enhance the appearance of your products.

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