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Custom Packaging

When it comes to designing packaging, setting your product apart from your competitors is of the utmost importance. But it can be difficult to differentiate your product when it sits in packaging that is identical to the rest of your line. That’s where custom packaging comes into play.   Pretty much what it sounds like, custom packaging involves designing your packaging around your product, instead of opting for ready-made standard packaging that your product happens to fit into. Not only does it help to differentiate your products from others, but custom packaging can also increase brand awareness – making your item more noticeable on the shelf.   Originally made for transport purposes, packaging now offers businesses an ideal way to showcase their brand, however, custom packaging also protects your products against the damage they may sustain through using a standard size box. When using a standard size box, brands will often fill the remaining space with unsustainable materials, such as styrofoam chips. However, this can result in the product moving during transport, causing damages to the packaging – as well as the product itself. Custom packaging prevents this; there is no excess space, as the packaging has been tailored to the size and dimensions of your product, protecting and cushioning your item from damage during transport.    

Embellishments and Your Custom Packaging

Embellishments can give your custom packaging that personal touch, helping to properly represent your brand identity. With so many purchasing decisions being made on packaging alone, it’s important to consider every aspect, no matter how small. Embellishments often help to enhance packaging – and custom packaging is no different. In fact, a custom embellishment to go with your custom packaging is not only complementary, but it can also help to differentiate your product from your competitors. Embellishments can be great additions even to the most minimalist packaging design, providing you with the opportunity to expertly display additional brand personality to your packaging.   To learn more about embellishments and their impact on your product’s packaging, check out our previous blog on The Difference an Embellishment Makes to Packaging.  

Custom Packaging from Signet

Want to ensure that your packaging stands out on the supermarket shelves? At Signet, we pride ourselves on the work we do with our clients to create packaging embellishments that enhance your product packaging and make your brand stand out.     To learn more about what we do, or find out about how we can help with your packaging designs, call us on +44 (0)1733 396080 or +44 (0)1577 330300, or email us at info@signetbranding.com. Alternatively, you can use our simple contact form.