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Drinks Industry Packaging Trends for 2018

Packaging’s humble beginnings began with Mediterranean trade between 1500 – 500 BCE, where consumers would gain information from a wide variety of shapes and markings on products. Now in the 21st century, packaging is a key part of brand identity and consumer habits. Packaging is arguably the most effective way to appeal to customers, which is why, as consumer tastes change, so do packaging trends. But what are the most recent trends in packaging? And why?


Environmental impact

Growing concerns for our environment are reflected not only in population awareness, but in their choice of product packaging. Eco-friendly packaging is safe for the environment and can be easily recycled, which can help to create renewable energy. Sustainable packaging made with biodegradable materials is something that consumers actively seek out, which is why glass bottles with paper labels are much more effective than unrecyclable plastic containers with plastic labels.

However, many high-end drink companies, including some alcohol brands, are considering and choosing plastic over glass. This is due to the packing weight being ultimately lighter than glass bottles, and being able to find options that are not dissimilar in shape – and a result of recyclable packaging being reused. In addition, because the weight of packaging makes the products lighter, it makes it more environmentally-friendly to transport, as well as far more durable during transportation. Demonstrating the eco-friendly outcome of using plastic bottles is another packaging trend that consumers are happy to buy in to.

water bottling line
Water bottling line for processing and bottling pure spring water into small glass green bottles.


Labelling tactics

Strong, clean-label packaging is a much more recent trend. Gone are the days of reading what seemed like novels on your packaging. Recent trends are much more contemporary; the more simplistic the better. With the ‘less is more’ attitude being more frequently adopted throughout other industries, it is naturally being emulated in packaging trends. Minimalistic packaging designs don’t present a lack of design but rather a much more focused process that expresses your brand’s message in a clean and definitive way.


Shape is key

Unusual container choices are yet another trend that consumers respond to. Not only does an unusually-shaped product set your brand apart from others, it also becomes a talking point between consumers. Modern customers are much more receptive to products that have been shown to them by their family and friends, which is how unusual packaging is often shared and discussed. How often have you tried a product because your friends have suggested it to you? This can also be seen through vintage packaging designs, such as bottles shaped like old medicine bottles or parchment-style labels. As with differently shaped or made products, the appearance of an old-fashioned style design is something that appeals to consumers. This is because it creates nostalgia, as well as intrigue, as it is unlike the many other products that surround them every day.


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