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Effective Marketing: Psychology and Brand Packaging

When it comes to effective brand marketing, it has more to do with psychology than forcing a product down consumers’ throats. The way your consumers perceive your product relies on how you portray yourself in your product design.

A product’s quality is the reason your consumers stay, but the packaging is how you will draw them first. Psychologists and retailers know that the most eye-catching product makes it to the grocery basket; however, not all brands know how to compel people into buying their products. Take a closer look into how colour and shape attract consumers and increase sales.

Shape of a Product

A product’s shape communicates many things to the consumer. Research reveals customers are more prone to buying items they have already picked up from the shelf. This is why brands are investing in the die-casting process to create a 3D form and texture for their logo. The texture of a product is a way to entice consumers.

If your product has an efficient and slim packaging design, it implies that the product itself is healthier and slimmer. If it has a round shape, it portrays a softer and more feminine look. This is in comparison with products that have hard edges, which are considered as tougher and more masculine.

Colour of a Product

Colour has always been associated with providing different impulses in the brain. It can conjure an emotional response to a consumer, so manufacturers must consider this when choosing their design. An example is when you are trying to sell an aromatherapy oil diffuser to enable tranquillity and peace in a household, but you choose to style it in a bright red colour that evokes the opposite effect.

Shape and colour are widely unrecognised elements that clients need to address. Once they capture the attention of their consumers through packaging and improve the quality of their products, their sales will continue to skyrocket. For more information about the different types of brand embellishment and packaging, visit our website now.