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Four ways to feature ribbon in packaging

Often used for decorative purposes on presents, or for products designed to be packaged as gifts, a ribbon can be an effective way to decorate your packaging. Ribbon is the ultimate staple of ornamental packaging, with the use of ribbons to adorn package dating back to Neolithic times. From vintage satin to personalised ribbon, the style and construction of ribbon itself offers multiple choices, not to mention the versatile range of colours and manipulation techniques available.

If you’re looking for inspiration on the ways that you can include this versatile decorative tool, take a look at these four ways you can include ribbon in your packaging:

Charms and Seals

One of the ways to implement ribbon into product packaging is through charms and seals. This method is often found on spirit bottle packaging, as well as perfume, luxury chocolates and premium soap brands. It’s excellent for displaying a sense of sophistication and luxury, and offering a tactile element. The charm or seal is usually attached to the ribbon which can be tied to the product or, using an adhesive, the ribbon can be fastened to the product. Take a look at some of our examples of our clients’ products such as Glen Grant, Abahna and Bains.

Champagne bottle with colorful party streamers on pink background.


Perhaps the most traditional use of ribbon in packaging, bows can make a big impact on a product’s aesthetic. Bows usually feature on packaged boxes, as well as spirit brand packaging, and are often made of soft, flowy ribbon material – such as satin. When using bows for packaging, the actual style of the bow can vary; such as the bow being wrapped carefully around the product to form a neat design, or a singular bow which is attached to the product. Take a look at an example of how the use of a satin bow is included in our client’s packaging for the brand Bloom Gin.


An example of another way to included ribbon in packaging is through personalised print. A personalised printed ribbon is effective on a variety of products, including luxury soaps and lotions, premium chocolate brands, as well as spirit brand packaging. Personalised print ribbon is often wrapped around the product or, using an adhesive, can be attached to the side of the product. Feeling inspired? Have a look at how we utilised personalised ribbon for our client’s prosecco.


Ribbon can also be used as part of product displays. This is one of the most creative uses, and there are a variety of ways to make your brand stand out with the inclusion of ribbon on a display. As part of a special promotion, we used ribbon to suspend giant easter eggs from the ceiling of Selfridges. From the array of ribbons hanging from the ceiling, both streaming directly down as well as crisscrossing the space, to the ribbon used to suspend the egg, we were able to brighten the product display by using this effective material in many different ways.





Looking to incorporate ribbon as a part of your packaging design but unsure about how to make your brand stand out? At Signet, our new product development team are always looking to test and pilot new ideas – and there isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to ribbon. For more information on the processes and products that we offer, talk to one of our friendly team on +44 (0)1733 396080 or at our Scottish office on +44 (0)1577 330300, email us on info@signetbranding.com, or contact us.