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The Gin Boom part 3: What Comes Next?

Whilst there seems to be no end to the gin boom, all good things must come to an end eventually. The question that remains is: what will take its place? Keen to invest in the next big thing, distillers and brewers have their eye on what might be a future favourite.

Many are discussing whisky as the most likely front-runner due to the rise of its popularity. However, popularity alone is not enough for whisky to match the high demand and resulting profit return that the sales of gin has achieved over the years. Whisky is an acquired taste, which can limit the success of it to a specific audience. A contributing factor of the rise of gin was partly due to the changing nature of the flavours; with the various brands of gin and the different types of tonic, there’s a gin drink for everyone.

The Candidates: Rum

Rum is one of the two main contenders when it comes to being the next big spirit. Previously white rums such as Bacardi Carta Blanca were the face of modern rum. But innovations in gold rum, dark rum and spiced rum have bought a new lease of life to the scene. With products such as Caribbean black spiced rum Kraken (so you too can feel like a pirate), gold rum like Bacardi Oakheart, and aged rums like Zacapa 23 becoming popular, the rise of rum is prominent. However, the use of dark or spiced rum as a twist on classic cocktails is increasing in popularity; Old Fashioned cocktails are now often being made with aged rums rather than the traditional whisky. Rum is out to make a splash.

Rum and Cola Cuba Libre

The Candidates: Tequila

The second of the main candidates is the ever-evolving tequila. No longer just the prime choice for shots, tequila is making an appearance in a big way. Much like rum, the face of tequila was previously silver, otherwise known as Blanco. But no more it seems, with the popularity of Anejo (aged) and Reposado (rested) which are specifically designed to be sipping tequilas. Much like the appealing ‘health’ qualities of gin, tequila has numerous health benefits – as well as being naturally low in calories. With the introduction of products such as Patron Cafe XO, coffee flavoured tequila to be served at ambient temperature, Tequila is finding a new audience.

Gold Mexican tequila with lime and salt

Whilst gin continues to grow, everything works in cycles, so which spirit is set to have it’s own boom? Both rum and tequila are strong forerunners – however, with the ever developing and changing nature of alcohol innovation, boutique products are positively leading the way forward. With boutique brands excelling in sales and becoming the new lead in spirit trading, there are plenty of ways to make your product both distinctive and prosperous. Regardless of what it may be, the next big spirit is sure to provide a further true appreciation for the taste of alcoholic drinks.

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