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The Gin Boom pt.2: Predictions for the Future

How to stay relevant?

The Gin Boom isn’t stopping anytime soon. So, a Gin Forecast. The kind of weather you really want to be involved with. The best way to stay relevant is to know what’s coming and ride the front of the wave. Understanding the appeal of gin and what triggered the boom is key to predicting what comes next.

Boutique Styling

Our love of both the boutique and stylish elements of gin has partially driven the wave, with thanks to HRH. The boutique gin will be taken one step further with a unique element of individualisation and personalisation. Claridges have their own bespoke gin, and we can see a move towards restaurants and other premium venues looking towards the creation of a specialised in-house gin. Facilitating the creation of a ‘signature’ alcohol with a bespoke service can lock in your clientele; offering them the full design package will mark you out.


Bloom London Dry Gin ribbon bow hangtag



Premium mixers too are likely to continue seeing a high rate of popularity as we become increasingly aware of appreciating the taste of what we drink. Our active interest in the taste of the gin itself means we want to allow the taste to shine through, and enjoy a mixer that allows this. Sales of Fever Tree mixer rose 77% in 2017; a ‘premium’ mixer, Fever Tree expressly pride themselves on centre-staging the taste of the gin. Adding garnishes which beautifully off-set your flavour profile will flourish both in the industry and for home drinking specialists.

Premium Palate

On the other end of the spectrum, some gin connoisseurs are promoting a move away from mixers entirely. The increasing number of botanical and ‘fruity’ gins that are available has promoted ‘neat’ gin drinking. Gin’s rise in popularity owes something to its low-calorie nature, and the cutting of mixers doubles down on this appeal. Gin on the rocks, although currently still able to raise an eyebrow or two, is popular amongst connoisseurs and creators alike. Some gin is now being distilled using techniques more recognisable to vineyards, birthing a new genre of wine palate based gins. Creating a gin which appeals to this unique crowd; with a flavour that facilitates the cutting of mixer whilst still being palatable, a step in a potentially winning direction.

Understanding the gin industry is the key to championing it. We have worked with a number of high profile gin clientele, and our appreciation of their work enables us to offer a unique take. Get in touch with us or call us on +44 (0)1733 396080 or +44 (0)1577 330300 to find out what we can do for you.