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Have you ‘Thanked’ your customers recently? Simple words, mean a lot…

Signet offer a range of key rings, pin badges, medallions, coin tokens and other give-away’s that can be used to say THANK YOU to your customers.

These will keep your name in front of your clients and also encourage recommendations as well.  Little things can mean a lot and will create a special experience when dealing with your company, that they will want to repeat!

Why not try:

  • A wooden tag around each product simply saying ‘Thank you for your purchase!’
  • A plastic or metal medal for saying ‘Well Done’ and ‘Thank you’ for attending
  • A coin token to reward loyalty so that after x many visits or purchases, they can redeem a free one
  • To build your customer base, send out ‘TRY ME’ coin tokens in a mailer so that by sending in their contact details/registering interest, they will be given a small ‘tester’ of your product – they may soon be back for more!

…the ideas & options are endless!

This simple concept helps to build awareness and really shows that you are prepared to go the extra mile in customer satisfaction!

Please see a testimonial below from a customer who regular uses these types of products:

“The bespoke tokens we received are of the highest quality and have driven my business forward as we increase our loyalty base, and in just 3 months we have generated over 100 new customers as well as rewarding our current visitors. I will certainly be using Signet again for any future promotions.”