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The Hidden Power of Packaging

How influential is your packaging over consumers buying behaviour?

Packaging is not merely a passing or transitory form of communication. Rather it stays with the consumer after purchase and thereby plays a crucial role not only at the point of sale but also after the actual purchase of the product (reminding the consumer of the purchase and the identity of the product). However, the point of sale, or “the first moment of truth”, is about gaining customers interest and communicating the benefits of the product attributes.

The importance of making an impact at the point of sale cannot be underestimated. Packaging continues to increases its key characteristic as the “salesman on the shelf” at the point of sale in respect of calling out from the shelf and informing the consumer of the product’s nature and attributes.

At the point of purchase, packaging serves a number of key functions:

  • Standing out in the crowd – reaching out to the consumer to get noticed. Creating a powerful shelf presence so that the brand stands out from the crowd and is actually noticed is the first and most vital step for any product on a shelf.
  • Communicating marketing information, giving reasons to buy
  • Stimulating or creating brand impressions
  • Providing various brand cues: Value, Quality and Safety