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How to secure a coin, cartouche or badge perfectly on your packaging

Many brands search for a way to establish their product in a different way to competitors, whether it’s to create an element of luxury or to provide an aspect of differentiation from other brands. A cartouche sits on the shoulder of the bottle and is placed perfectly to gain the attention of consumers. This makes the packaging more noticeable than other brands that they are competing with. A badge designed for a bottle’s packaging can be made in any size or shape, and unlike cartouches, can be placed anywhere on the bottle – rather than the often suggested shoulder of the bottle. Coins are often smaller and take a round or oval shape and like a badge, it can be placed anywhere on the bottle.


While coins, cartouches and badges act as a way to add a grand and luxurious aspect to the products they are attached to, some brands can overlook them. This is due to the concern that the application of coins, cartouches and badges will be inconsistent, making the product, and ultimately the brand, look imperfect and unprofessional. How can this be avoided? How can we place coins, cartouches and badges perfectly on each individual product’s packaging every time?


Kilchoman location device


Using a location device

Despite sounding like a GPS, location devices are the key to the careful and secure placement of coins, cartouches and badges on the packaging. Designed to prevent the misapplication of these embellishments, location devices are an integral part of the bottle’s design. Often only required for packaging with a coin, cartouche and badge needing to be applied, a location device is incorporated into the moulds for the bottle. It can appear as a notch, left or raised lug, providing a protrusion for the coins, cartouches and badges to sit comfortably against.


The embellishments will have a corresponding location device on the back, allowing them to click carefully on the location device on the bottle, preventing the coins, cartouches or badges being applied incorrectly in any way. An adhesive can be applied to the back of the decoration, providing further security as the coin, cartouche or badge is then placed onto the location device. It is secured by both the adhesive (can be supplied on the embellishment) as well as the location device. This means that the coins, cartouches or badges can only be applied on the packaging if the location devices match up perfectly – allowing you to provide a deluxe finishing touch that’s consistent each and every time.


Kilchoman location device


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