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The brief

01The brief

We receive briefs in many different forms. Directly from a brand team, a creative agency or procurement team. We deconstruct the brief and apply a commercial angle to it, managing our client’s expectations at an early stage, from a cost and feasibility perspective.



Here we can really add value, start to build on the agreed brief and ultimately define the final solution. We consider this to be one of our core service offerings, creating something unique for our client. We’ll provide a schedule, costings and product samples to the customer as part of the process.



Once the solution has been developed the product or prototype will be produced and supplied to allow for customer testing to ensure that it is fit for purpose and can be approved prior to full production commencing. Where requested the services of specialist laboratories and recognised industry standard testing will be contracted.



We do not own factories which allows us to be selective over the materials and expertise we employ. All factories are audited and we work in partnership with factory owners to ensure suitable working environments and control over how we want the lines to function, ensuring consistency and quality.



Quality of goods are continuously monitored, to ensure you receive goods to your expectations. In the event of supplier, machinery, or defective hand-workmanship, we will raise a QNC Report in accordance with our ISO9001/2008 procedures.



Quality is universal, brands are global, and our clients are from all over the world. With our head office and design centre based in Peterborough, UK, we utilise production and logistics facilities globally to deliver complete solutions to our customers on every continent.


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The neck collar really finishes off a great glass decanter design, giving it a real touch of class and luxury...


CASE Study

Macallan V5 Neck Collar

The client needed a specifically designed neck collar to enhance the style of their glass decanter.

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01The brief

The client gave us a visual of the finished pack showing the neck collar, this included details of the pattern design, finished colour but no details of how the collar was to be joined.
The client also gave us detailed glass decanter drawings from which we were able to take the internal and external dimensions.

02The project

We produced a first prototype of the die-cast neck collar, before there were any glass samples. The client liked the sample, but was unsure of the joining method as they felt it was too difficult to apply.
We received a glass sample from the client and produced a few more samples, with a revised joining method, to allow for tolerance to get the correct dimensions for a perfect fit.

03The outcome

We produced a number of prototypes and samples, working towards a specifically engineered hidden clip mechanism to join the collar together. The finished colour was very important as it was a brand colour and through the sampling process, we adjusted the colour to gain approval for both the design and finish.