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Why Labels are a Mental and Sensory Experience

Beauty may be skin deep, but surface aesthetics make a difference when selling a brand. This makes it important to understand how different kinds of labels capture the attention of the intended audience. A label design may utilise the power of symmetry, curvature and ‘the golden ratio’ to turn the heads of consumers.

As a rule, every business should know the power of labels and their ability to connect brands to the right customers. Above all, it’s imperative to build a message and hit different senses with every label design. Here’s why.

Labels as Identity

Labels identify and speak for a brand. In lieu of a representative, they are the only sales voice between the shelf and the customer, a sneak peek of what the audience will get out of the product. So behind every design should be a compelling and accurate message – a space where information and aesthetics meet and where quality is at the forefront. The label, therefore, is your brand in a nutshell. Make sure that that nutshell is of the highest quality and crafted with the right message.

A Sensory Experience

How do you make label designs compelling? Conceptualise a way to capture the imaginations of your target customers. Labels create a sensory experience; they are as visual as they are tactile and gustatory, particularly in the food and beverage industry. For instance, you see and touch a wine label before the drink touches your lips. The whole experience is sensory, inspired by imagination and designed to leave a powerful impact.

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