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What Does “On Brand” Mean?

Here at Signet, we talk a lot about branding and how important it is to “be on brand” with your packaging, but it can be difficult to keep in line with branding...Read More

Signet’s Stock Management System

Here at Signet, we offer a range of services designed for the drinks and luxury packaging industry, including our specialism in packaging embellishments. However,...Read More

Custom Packaging

When it comes to designing packaging, setting your product apart from your competitors is of the utmost importance. But it can be difficult to differentiate your...Read More

The impact of seasonal packaging

Every year, we’re faced with a variety of different seasonal events - from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, and Father’s Day to Mother’s Day. If you’re not...Read More

Is Luxury Packaging Sustainable?

From jewellery to chocolate, there are luxury brands for everything - which usually means that luxury packaging is a logical addition. From embellishments like...Read More

Signet and Brexit

With all of this uncertainty, we are awaiting more specific information to gauge whether our lead times to create products or our prices will be affected by the...Read More