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Meet the people that work for you…

We understand at Signet the products we produce represent the brands and companies we work with. Which is why we pride ourselves on the service we provide and the products we create, and this why we have dedicated individuals who oversee these areas and work closely with the other departments to ensure we set and adhere to a good standard for all our customers.

Melvyn Lindsell


Melvyn Lindsell, our Quality Control Manager, is responsible for ensuring the quality of the product before it reaches our customer. We have a rigorous quality control process that every product is subject to before we deliver, as part of the service we offer.

More than 95% of our products pass the Quality Control Procedure, however, if there is a product that needs attention, Melvyn will contact the customer directly to discuss any points. This could be for example if there is a delay with the delivery, or if a product doesn’t match the Specification Match Board, or the product doesn’t match a specific detail. Normally the query is resolved swiftly due to this direct approach.

As part of our quality control, we have developed a Quality Control matrix based on a global system to identify how many products are checked and retained by us as a batch sample for reference. This not only helps with the quality control process, but also for customer reference as we have a record of all products we have produced on our internal system and a physical sample of them. If a customer would like to refer to a previous product or redesign a previous product we hold a physical sample that can be revised.

The other benefit is that it allows us to act immediately on any issue as we will have a physical sample to hand and can work with our global production partners to rectify any concerns via a resolution process called Quality Non-conformance (QNCF). This is a process where we discuss any concerns with our customer and partners and come to an agreed resolution. We keep our customers informed at every stage with “QNCF” emails and a reference number that is applicable to that specific query.

We set a high standard of quality for our products to adhere to and we pass this assurance onto our customers, with the Signet seal of approval.


Kirsty Goodenough



We are just as passionate about our quality of service as well as our products and therefore Kirsty Goodenough, Customer Care Manager, acts as a customer representative on behalf of the customer to our internal teams to resolve any concerns that have been highlighted throughout a project or as part of our feedback process.

You may well have spoken to Kirsty on the phone as part of our customer care role is to follow up on deliveries and speak to customers to ensure the delivery was on time, the product arrived to a good standard and the customer is happy with our service and product.

Now, this may surprise people, but we actually ask for any negative feedback. Don’t get us wrong, we like the positives and it does make us happy knowing our customers are happy, but we feel the detail is in the negative and we are always looking at ways we can improve ourselves and our customer experience. If there is a concern a Service Non-conformance (SNCF) is raised and in a similar fashion to the QNCF, this is dealt with internally on the customer’s behalf to come to a quick and agreeable solution.

Caring runs through the company culture at Signet and we like to extend that on to our customers, so if you have received a gift from our sales team, or a pack jelly beans in an order, it’s most likely this has passed through Kirsty’s hands!

You may have spoken to Kirsty if you’ve called us as she is the first point of contact for the company and also deals with our website, live chat enquiries and looks after our sample process so she is at the centre and at the heart of our business.


Melvyn Lindsell and Kirsty Goodenough


Melvyn and Kirsty are both here to help and support our customers. If you have an enquiry regarding your product or our service, please get in touch with Melvyn or Kirsty on info@signetbradning.com or call +44 (0)1733 396080.