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Minimalist vs Elaborate Packaging

The designs of packaging are the personality of a brand. The design of a product’s packaging often provides a sense of identity, and distinguishes it from the competition. When consumers are looking for a specific product in a store, they often scan aisles on the lookout for it – and identify their chosen product through the packaging. In fact, studies also show that one-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging.

As packaging trends continue to change, minimalist packaging rises in popularity for both brands and consumers. But does this mean that brands should switch to simplistic designs? What is ultimately most effective for your brand?

Less is More

A minimalist design can often be perceived as clean and simple, providing consumers with an easy choice. It displays a quiet confidence that intricate and detailed labels do not have, as it allows a product to speak for itself – without the use of ornate packaging design. Having a minimalist approach to packaging, such as only displaying necessary information and uncomplicated designs, also presents your product as fuss-free, which is something that consumers look for.

The digital age impacts consumer habits, from the clothes we wear to what we eat. It also has an effect on what brands we buy, as brands actively market to audiences through social media and other forms of online content. As a result, brands are forced to find ways to incorporate minimalistic designs, as they need to engage consumers through a brief window as they continue to scroll through their mobile feeds.

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Down to the Last Detail

But does having an elaborate design have to be counterproductive? While minimalistic designs appeal to consumers because of the simplicity and clarity that they offer, having an ornate or detailed design can establish your brand. To efficiently present your brand to consumers, the key concept is to make your brand stand out in comparison to others. This isn’t to say that cluttered and jam-packed packaging is an effective way to make your brand different.

Rather than having extravagant packaging that can be overwhelming for consumers, including an interesting elaborate element to your packaging design can be incredibly effective, and make your product distinctive. From the shape of your packaging to the originality of your brand, having a unique aspect to your packaging is also an ideal way to set your brand apart from others – even the minimalist ones.

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Simplicity and intricate detailing both have their place in the consumer world. Minimalist designs are key for the digital age, and appeal to a range of consumers. However, having an elaborate design is also effective, creating a unique, even luxurious character. Plus, adding authenticity to your brand creates memorability. Ultimately, originality is what entices consumers – as it provides them with something other brands haven’t delivered. Work out what makes you stand out from the crowd, and use that to your advantage.

Looking for a way to establish your brand and make your product packaging just that bit different? Here at Signet, we’re always looking to create new ways to package our clients’ products. For more information on the processes and products that we offer, talk to one of our friendly team on +44 (0)1733 396080 or +44 (0)1577 330300 or you can contact us on our online form or on