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The New Signet Scottish Office

The Idea Behind our Scottish Office

The idea to have a Scottish base came up a few months ago as part of our expansion, we wanted somewhere for our customers to visit us at their convenience. We decided we wanted to have a dedicated place where we could meet with customers that is fairly central and easy to get to. Somewhere we can have a stock of samples on bottles and packaging, so customers can see our products in situ when they visit.

Signet is a UK based company and whilst we operate globally, a large number of our customers are based in and around Scotland. Our sales team are often visiting the area, normally on a weekly basis and as there is such a demand for our team to be in the area, we felt we should establish a base for both our team and our customers.

Our Head Office will remain in Peterborough and will continue to be the main contact for all administrative and technical functions supporting our team and new office. For contact details for either of our offices, please visit our contact page.

As part of our expansion, we hope that our new office will allow for growth within the company and will also provide staff with a greater flexibility to work effectively.


Signet Scottish Office
Meeting room at the new Signet Scottish Office


What Does This Mean for our Customers?

Signet is and always has been customer centric. We firmly believe that we add value to your business and we are happy to go the extra mile to help support our customers – in this case, 352 miles!!

The new office will enable us to facilitate meetings with customers at a convenient time, which will have a positive impact on our service and commitment to you.

We have found it is more beneficial for the customer to be able to physically touch the embellishment so you can feel the weight, understand how the embellishment attaches to the packaging and also so you can envisage what your customers will see. In the new office, we have a selection of samples (similar to the ones we have on display at events and Innovation Days), that we can show you the details of and talk through your current or future projects.


The Signet Expansion

As well as a new office in Scotland, we have also been making changes to our head office, we have gone from departments being in different offices to an open plan approach. This allows for better cross-working amongst teams, for example, our customer service (headed up by Kirsty Goodenough) and quality teams (managed by Melvyn Lindsell) are able to support our sales department with customer needs and gives our customers an alternative point of contact.

We moved into our new offices in December 2016 and are enjoying the innovative flexible working spaces such as quiet booths, collaboration breakout areas and noise reduction hubs, as well as the traditional meeting rooms. These newly designed offices and the new Scottish office are all part of the new flexible working which helps us to deliver greater value to our customers.


Panoramic View of New Signet Offices
Panoramic View of New Signet Head Offices


One thing that will not change is our emphasis on personalised service. For more pictures of our new Offices, please visit to our Facebook page.


Contact us to set up a meeting at our new Scottish Office on +44 (0)1577 330300, or at our Head Office on +44 (0)1733 396080 or on sales@signetbranding.com.