Labels are an important part of product packaging. Implemented on most if not all products, from boxes to bottles, labels are full of information, both about the product itself and the story of the brand that brought it to the shelves. In fact, labels and packaging are so important that consumer research shows that ⅓ of product decision-making is based on the packaging alone and it takes just 7 seconds for a consumer to make up their mind about their purchase. With the majority of consumers making their purchasing decision based on the label and packaging alone, making your label distinct and unique is a top priority to make sure that your product stands out from the competition on the shelves.

Flexible Aluminium Labels

As part of our services, we offer our Marque flexible aluminium label product which is designed, not only to display your brand logo, product name and information but to represent the uniqueness of your product and brand identity. Not only are our labels flexible in name and placement, but they are also flexible in design, allowing you to have a full creative license when it comes to the creation of your label. The Marque flexible aluminium labels can be designed to fit your existing branding colours with Pantone matching available, including a range of metallic colours such as copper, silver and gold. For example, you can match your label with the colour of your product’s bottle, like our project with Lucid.

Embossed Labels

Our Marque flexible aluminium labels also offer the option of embossing and debossing (learn more about embossing in our previous blog), providing your label with a variety of luxury textures that many high-end product labels feature. We offer our label products in varying thickness with thinner labels being perfect for an automated application while thicker labels are supplied on sheets and offer a better scope for high-level embossing. This allows you to include as much or as little ornate detail as you require, including the option of different levels of embossing, providing varied depths of textured embossing in the same label. Due to the aluminium material, our labels can be embossed more and to a higher standard than can be achieved through paper labels.

Label Application Benefits

Designed to fit a range of packaging types, Marque labels can be attached to both bottles and box packaging. They can be applied to curved and flat surfaces, however, while they can’t be applied to a compound curve, a flat area on the glass of a compound curve can be used. This offers plenty of options with the labelling positioning including using it as the main label, the footer label, a neck wrap or a security seal – all providing a premium alternative to paper labels. As they are often required in big batches, the labels can be supplied on sheets or rolls, making application simple and effective.

Made of Stronger Stuff

Our Marque labels are composed of premium-grade materials, which also ensures they are built to last. The aluminium material is expertly processed, offering seriously high definition on your label design. They can also be made up of three different grades of material 100 microns, 150 microns and 200 microns, which as mentioned before can be ideal for different requirements. Thinner labels are easier for an automated application while thicker labels have a better scope of high definition print and embossing. All our label products have a strong self-adhesive backing perfect for strong adhesion to glass and box packaging.


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