We are all becoming more aware of the dangers of global warming, and the importance of treating the environment with care and the packaging industry in particular has seen a huge change. From materials to processes, many big players in the food and drinks packaging industry have implemented changes to make packaging more eco-friendly.

Not only is environmentally sustainable packaging a huge step forward in terms of being green, it’s also becoming a big selling point for many brands.

Why is sustainable packaging so important?

Environmentally-friendly packaging is packaging that’s either made out of recyclable or biodegradable materials. Sustainable product packaging can be defined by the following, according to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition:

– Is advantageous and safe for individuals and communities for its entire life cycle.
– Is sourced, made, transported and recycled with renewable energy.
– Makes use of renewable or recycled source materials.
– Is designed physically to make use of energy and materials.
– Meets market criteria for performance and cost.
– Is made using clean production technologies.
– Is made from materials that remain healthy throughout the life cycle.

Using environmentally sustainable packaging prevents the environment from being harmed and begins to reverse the effects of plastic packaging. From plastic labels to plastic lids, 79% of all plastic produced over the last 70 years, which adds up to an estimated 8 million tonnes each year, has been thrown away and left unrecycled. Marine litter harms more than 600 species, so at what point do manufacturing companies take this into account?

How Can You Make Your Packaging More Sustainable?

It’s important to implement a sustainable element to your product’s packaging. This is not only environmentally friendly, but is also a popular selling point with many modern products. It may seem like sustainable packaging is not worth the effort and sometimes the additional cost, but, without recycling and looking after the environment, there won’t be a planet for your product to be sold on.

Even a label can make all the difference.  Our Marque labels are predominately made from Aluminium which as a material is the most recycled metal in the world.  So, not only can they enhance the look and feel of your bottle, they have the ability to enhance your carbon footprint. But the sky is your limit – all our Badges, Cartouches, Charms, Coins, Faux Wax Seals, Hangtags, Medallions and Neck Collars or Wraps can all be made from either a recyclable metal or plastic.

Begin with the material that your packaging is made from. If it’s made from glass, biodegradable plastic, paper or cardboard, your packaging is already on the way to being environmentally sustainable. You could also consider lightweight packaging materials as they alleviate shipping costs; the lighter the packaging, the cheaper it is to transport your products. It also leads to less waste when it comes to consumers throwing away their packaging.


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