In today’s global marketplace, there’s little onus on big business to support local, despite the fact that the average private consumer is well aware of the importance of supporting their own local economies.  In commerce, margin is king – and that means sourcing the materials required at the best possible price, no matter where they come from.

But recent events in the Far East are causing many brands to question the true meaning of value, and to think about the potential risks of putting all their eggs in one basket by sourcing goods exclusively from ultra-cheap supply chains in Asia.

At Signet, we source products from all over the world to ensure our clients can stay competitive in tough markets.  We are always conscious of budget restraints, but we’re the first to admit that ‘cheap’ isn’t always a good thing, especially for premium brands, whose image is of huge importance.  What these premium names stand to lose by not investing in good quality far outweighs the cost of spending a little more.

We’ve worked with big brands for long enough to know that unnecessary expense is impossible to justify – but so is poor value for money.  Over the years we’ve built up a network of manufacturing resources based on expertise, rather than price or location – and we’re lucky to have a rich seam of manufacturing excellence right on our doorstep, across Europe.

We don’t manufacture our embellishments in house simply because we know that far greater knowledge already exists elsewhere. Rather than offering our customers a poor imitation, we’ve made it our mission to help them access the real deal, high-quality products, made using the very latest materials and techniques, for quality that befits any premium brand and at a price point offering genuine value for money.

For example, much of our die-casting work is carried out by facilities in Italy, home of haute couture, where demand for intricately detailed buttons and other items has existed for generations – who better to translate these fascinating skills for a whole new audience?  Our die-cast products now adorn some of the most recognised brands in the world, helping them to create highly collectable limited editions that are the equivalent of ‘couture’ in their respective industries.

Engaging with highly skilled manufacturing personnel at the top of their game also means we’re able to offer our clients real innovation.  As well as a wide range of existing products and finishes, we’re able to bring new ideas to the table and work with our supply chain to develop bespoke solutions to specific design challenges.  Some of our most successful product ranges have actually come about as the result of these collaborative working relationships.  Nothing satisfies our creative team more than seeing an ‘impossible’ brief transformed into a viable product, adorning a premium spirits bottle.

Our die-cast products are something we’re especially proud of due to the range of finishes available.  From classic antiqued metals to edgy oxidised finishes and ultra-contemporary clean looks, this range has expanded so much that we recently commissioned some sample books containing real samples of every finish in our current range.  The Signet Metal Plaque Reference Books and Keyrings are available by request so clients can see and compare all of our metal finishes at their own convenience and in discussion with their design teams.  To request a copy, visit our website.


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