Scented packaging has numerous benefits – from helping to establish your brand, to tying together the senses and creating an elaborate sensory experience for your customers. According to a study by the New York Times, when given a choice between two similar food or beverage products, 81% of consumers would choose the product that they could both see and smell over one they could only see. To learn more, have a look at our blog on the benefits of scented packaging.

However, it can be difficult to successfully convey fragrance as part of product packaging, and requires a degree of innovation to be done properly. As 75% of all emotions generated every day are due to smell, it seems only rational for brands to invest in scented packaging.

Scented Plastic

Scented plastic has been used in a variety of products, from bin bags to health and beauty products, but it can also be used to enhance food and beverage flavours. This is particularly beneficial for products that are part of the food and drink industry.

Embedding a scent within plastic tends to provide a sophisticated and more long lasting scent option; typically scent samples on paper or cloth fade much faster, as the scent is simply sprayed on rather than being infused as part of the material. Scented plastic can be implemented as various parts of the packaging, from plastic bottle caps to plastic embellishments such as charms.


Scented wax

Another great method of including scent as part of your product packaging, particularly for spirits packaging, is the use of scented wax pellets, which often retain their unique scent well. This adds a multi-sensory element to the packaging, as well as setting your product apart from the competition. Additionally, the inclusion of wax as part of your product packaging establishes a high-quality impression of the product.


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