On Wednesday the 14th of November, Signet attended the Spirits Packaging Summit in Scotland, enthusiastic to take in everything the event had to offer. This involved a host of talks and panel discussions from experts within the packaging industry and in the exhibition hall, stands for almost 40 of the leading spirits packaging suppliers, including Signet!

At this event, there is plenty to see and do, which is why we’ve compiled our top 3 takeaways so that even if you weren’t able to attend, you don’t have to miss out.

The Plastic Debate Continues

One of the biggest highlights of the event was Paul Foulkes-Arellano from A Plastic Planet, and his speech which discussed implementing plastic free aisles in every supermarket – rather than completely getting rid of plastic. The idea being that this offers consumers a choice of preference when shopping. He also highlighted that 40% of the plastic made in 2017 and 2018 is used for packaging, emphasising the point that packaging should be reusable, compostable or recyclable. There were also suggestions around utilising natural sources to create packaging that is more easily recycled, such as lignin, cellulose, bamboo and cultivated seaweed.

Smart Packaging is Now!

Rob Hollands from Anthem Worldwide also delivered a winning speech all about smart packaging, including the innovation that is NFC packaging. For those who don’t know, NFC (Near Field Communication) packaging involves a NFC enabled sticker which can be placed on the lid of a bottle, for example. This can be tapped against an NFC-enabled device and provide the users instant access to personalised content. There was also mention of Amazon submitting patents for packaging boxes that have cameras, so it can capture your reaction when you receive and open one of their boxes. He also discussed the concept of products being trackable from production to delivery, using one unique code, which could ultimately provide greater value through the product’s lifecycle.

Making Packaging More Appealing

Last in our top three, but by no means least, was the panel discussion lead by Andy Pye, Mike Rose, Derek Scott and Phil Chadwick about the potential of packaging. They covered how packaging has developed from being used to predominately deliver products safely and is now the first marketing tool available for the product. This is down to packaging being the first thing that consumers come into contact with when shopping, and how it helps to tell the story of the brand and establish authenticity. Packaging is now about creating a brand experience for the consumer; consumers want to look at the products that they’ve brought and be able to take pride in them and post aesthetically beautiful images on social media platforms.

The Spirits Packaging Summit was a whirlwind event which Signet was thrilled to be a part of. We were glad to have a stand in the exhibition hall again this year, where we could meet and talk to the many attendees. Overall the summit was a great success and was packed with thought-provoking talks from some of the industry’s top experts.


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