Here at Signet, we develop a vast array of unique packaging embellishments, from flexible aluminium labels to ribbon tear strips to neck charms. We enjoy being challenged to create bespoke embellishments, especially in instances where we work from the original brief with the client. This is because it allows us to unite all the embellishment pieces together to create the perfect solution for the client’s brand. However, due to the bespoke nature of embellishments, and the process to create them, production challenges can arise. Here are some examples of challenges we’ve faced and how we overcame them to deliver the best solution for the client.

Colour matching

Colour matching is incredibly important for brand cohesion. There have been instances where we have been asked to colour match an existing piece of sealing wax to an identical ribbon colour for a ribbon tear strip so that the ribbon would be indistinguishable from the colour of the wax. This could in some situations prove to be a challenge. However, at Signet we have a huge selection of 245 standard colour ribbons, and if we can’t find a good match with one of these, we can dye the ribbon to match a Pantone colour.

Material finishes

Another example of working through a challenge is when we receive a sample of another piece of the packaging, such as a metal-topped stopper, from a client, and are asked to replicate the metallic finish of the hard metal material on a flexible aluminium label. In this case, the two materials have very different natural properties and finishes, potentially making it a challenge to achieve an exact replication of the finish. To resolve this, we worked very closely with the client as well as our own production teams to create a number of different samples in various similar finishes, to provide our clients with a choice of solutions to choose between and ensuring the brand consistency.

Samples are key

As the embellishment experts, we work with our customers to produce the best results at the right cost. This can sometimes be a simple process, through creating one production sample, while other projects can involve multiple samples, testing and approval stages. However, when it comes to facing challenges in production, here at Signet, we pride ourselves in delighting our customers. We always strive to explore new innovative avenues, in order to ensure that our clients are able to achieve everything they desire from their packaging design. Our passion for detail is equal only to our appetite for innovation.


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