Consumers are able to recognise brands through their packaging. This is a result of instantly recognisable personalised elements, whether it’s a signature blue box from Tiffany or the red, white and black cans of Coca-Cola. However, personalising your branding can be a difficult concept to accomplish, and with consumers being exposed to so many brands – how can you make your branding personalised to you?

Faux wax seals

A cost-effective and regal addition to any product is the faux wax seal. Appearing most often on luxury confectionery and high-end spirit products, a faux wax seal can bring a touch of elegance to packaging while also making the brand distinguishable on supermarket shelves. The flexibility of this product embellishment offers a wide variety of customisation, allowing you to create a unique addition to your packaging.

Faux wax seals can be created in a range of sizes, designed to fit your product. So whether you’re after an eye-catching embellishment or a subtle addition, there’s plenty of choice. A faux wax seal can also be shaped to be flat or curved, so it will fit the product, no matter the shape.

There are plenty of ways for a faux wax seal to be attached to a product, from direct application to the use of additional embellishments such as ribbon or cord. This offers versatility when it comes to application, as our faux wax seals can be applied to a variety of materials – such as wood, paper, glass and metal. This allows you to place the seal on your packaging in the best position possible.

To add additional flare to your faux wax seal, you can also opt for selective resin. This is designed to sit in specific areas of your faux wax seal and highlight elements of the design. Alternatively, you could also have your faux wax seals Pantone colour matched, so that they match the exact colours of your brand or logo. This helps you achieve consistency in your colour palette, and ensures that colour becomes a recognisable feature for your product.

Faux wax seals from Signet

Looking for a way to personalise your brand’s packaging? At Signet, we work with a variety of clients to create embellishments and decorations, like faux wax seals, that enhance your product – and help make your brand recognisable.


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7:35 PM - Aug 3, 2020 on Personalise your branding with a faux wax seal

We are about to launch a small batch gin into the market and looking for some embellishments to make our bottles stand out. Interested in faux wax seals and metal medallions to stick to the front of each bottle. Could you advise of minimum order quantities, fulfilment time and costs please? We’re looking at circa 200 bottles per batch run. Thanks, Chris

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