Whilst we may not know exactly what the ‘new normal’ is, one thing that will never change is the ability of metal embellishments to enhance drinks packaging and bring a sense of heritage to your pack design.

We’ve created stunning die-cast badges, cartouches, coins and more, for some of the most prestigious brands in the world and it’s always magical to see how these small additions can transform a bottle or box into something truly wonderful and highly sought-after by consumers.

We are delighted to say that our die-cast production facilities are once again operating at full capacity despite the lockdowns around the globe due to Covid-19.  We continue to dispatch deliveries which means our clients can continue to meet the surging demand for their products.  For clients who don’t have the capacity to hold stock, but are concerned about the possibility of future shortages or logistics issues, we can also arrange stock holding at our UK facilities.

Badges are one of the most versatile of our die-cast products and can be made in almost any shape or size, or located anywhere on a bottle or box for unforgettable visual impact.  Brands often use large badges in place of a conventional label as they’re ideal for communicating information, but some companies also use them in a purely decorative way or to recreate a brand design in three dimensions.

Coins are a smaller embellishment designed to evoke the prestige and value of real money, therefore they are rarely larger than typical coinage.  Cast in zinc alloy and then plated in a colour finish of the client’s choosing.  They are a wonderful way to bring a feeling of richness to a pack design.  Coins are often selected as a way of differentiating between different products within the same ‘family’ – the same design can be replicated in a variety of colours and finishes, or combined with other elements such as wax seals and ribbons, for a distinctive look.

Cartouches blend the key attributes of both badges and coins to create a really prestigious embellishment that evokes ancient methods of product identification.  Placing a ‘seal’ on the shoulder of a bottle or flagon has been done throughout history as a way to announce the provenance of a product and today’s cartouche is no different.  Combining a brand logo with information about significant dates or bottlings, they are an ideal way to differentiate very old, very new, or limited-edition items.

These are just some of the beautiful die-cast products Signet supplies to leading brands around the world.  We continue to keep in close contact with our customers, and we’re extremely proud of our manufacturing partners who continue to provide first-class service in difficult circumstances.


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