Signet are proud to partner with a whole host of amazing companies, and pride ourselves on helping them to create unique packaging solutions for an array of unique products. As a company, we participate in a lot of work supporting local organisations and charities that are making a positive impact, and giving back to the community. This is what lead us to support Loch Ness Spirits Ltd in their generous mission to produce a limited edition run of a brand new, super exclusive bottling of gin – in aid of the Highland Hospice independent charity.

The story

The idea came from Dr. Lorien Cameron-Ross, Director of Loch Ness Spirits Limited. She was visiting the Grand Canyon with 35 Highlanders as part of a charity trek, to raise money for the Highland Hospice (whose symbol is the sunflower). On the trip, a ranger pointed out some American juniper, which was very different in appearance to the berries found in Scotland – used to make the brand’s staple gins. According to the press release, Lorien soon roped her fellow group members into helping her pick the juniper. She explained: “I told everyone that if they helped me pick the berries they would get some of the gin, and there were plenty offers of help. We became juniper mules, but it was all legit!”

Unfortunately, one of the trekkers accompanying Lorien on the adventure tragically passed away very shortly afterwards, which gave a renewed sense of purpose and importance to creating the special gin.

The outcome

Once home, Loch Ness Spirits distilled the American berries into a unique one-off batch of gin, using a combination of both home-grown, hand picked Loch Ness and Grand Canyon junipers. Only 250 bottles were made, and the blend will never be repeated – making it incredibly exclusive.

The company decided to launch the limited edition run in aid of the Highland Hospice charity and give 100% of the proceeds gained from the sales of the product to them. To complete the launch, bottles, wax, and labels were donated from companies across the country, and Signet were thrilled at the chance to be involved.

To support the project, Signet supplied 300 white tear strips free of charge to help seal the bottles in style. The product, named Loch Ness Grand Gin, was launched in 500ml bottles via the Loch Ness Spirits website, with all of the £44.99 cost per bottle being donated to support the Hospice patients and their loved ones.


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