We all know you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.  That’s why it’s crazy to think about all the years manufacturers spent struggling to make flat embellishments stick onto curved glass bottles.  Rewind just a couple of decades and it just wasn’t possible to put metal embellishments on a bottle without embossing the glass to create a flat location surface – and metallic flexible labels were only possible using flimsy foiled paper.

Things couldn’t be more different today.  Thanks to technology and the advancement of adhesives, there’s really no limit to the possibilities in pack design, and that includes embellishments that appear to defy the laws of physics!

At Signet we are proud to be leading this field with our innovative Marque range as well as a number of other flexible products. Manufactured from lightweight, flexible aluminium, Marque is designed to offer all the tactile appeal of a die-cast piece with none of the application challenges.  Its versatility is making it increasingly popular with brands seeking a more affordable alternative to die-cast embellishments, or even a deluxe upgrade on their paper labels.

Available in three thicknesses ranging from 100 microns to 200 microns, Marque is compatible with a wide range of print and finishing processes including flexo printing, embossing and die stamping/punching. Marque is suitable for application to a wide variety of substrates including glass, metal, wood, plastic, ABS, polymer and more.  Its unique composition means it copes effortlessly with simple curves and will not ‘wing’.

Detail is another key reason many of our customers are turning to Marque.  Often, very intricate designs or embellishments with small typefaces are not suitable for die casting as they lose definition during the manufacturing process.  Because colours and details are printed onto the face plate of a Marque embellishment before it’s fused and embossed or stamped, even the most delicate fonts and subtle details can be accurately reproduced.  While the natural colour of Marque is silver white, it can be overprinted in a huge array of metallic and solid colours to create virtually any look the client requires.  A great example is a label we produced for Lucid Absinthe, which looks like a super-delicate cutout with intricate reveals, but has in fact been printed to perfectly match the colour of the bottle, creating a stunning optical illusion.

Of course, there are times when nothing but the impact of solid metal labels will suffice.  While some brands looking to differentiate their product on the shelf opt for a combination of embellishments, others take a bolder approach with a single large or chunky piece. We’ve worked on several projects like this and have achieved impressive results by die-stamping onto metals and alloys that are naturally malleable.

For Glaswegian whisky brand Auchentoshan, we produced chunky metal labels for both the curved bottle and the rectangular presentation box using pewter – an alloy evocative of the medieval banquets where Scotch whisky was first enjoyed!  Because it’s relatively soft, pewter gives excellent definition to the detail on the label during the die-stamping process, and is simple to apply to the curve of the glass.  For the box labels, we pre-formed a three-sided pewter band that gives a really distinctive look to the pack.

Lot 40 Canadian Rye Whisky was another interesting project requiring a flexible approach.  We conducted extensive sampling and sourced a bespoke supplier to achieve the look the client wanted – a solid copper label, die-stamped and applied asymmetrically to the glass.

Our Marque labels can differentiate your product from your competition both online and on the shelf in store. Currently, with the increase of online shopping, it is important to ensure your product stands out from others from the first look. With the flexibility of these labels (physically and in the design), this makes them a perfect addition or replacement to your packaging, showcasing your products x-factor appeal both off and on-screen.


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