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Packaging trends to look out for in 2018

Over the coming year the world of packaging will see many new trends appearing, as consumers and preferences change and grow. Many studies feel that people are now, more than ever, looking to be ‘wowed’ by clever, innovative packaging, but in a different way than before. Now, people want innovations that change the way we interact with them; whether that’s extending the freshness of food, preserving face creams without the need for chemicals, or offering effective protection during shipping.

Here, we look at how some future trends that could affect key industries in the coming months.


Beauty & Perfume

The beauty industry is beginning to adopt a ‘less is more’ approach, with many high-level brands opting for clear, simple, natural ingredients within their products – and packaging that reflects this. Emmanuelle Bassman, Founder & Managing Director of In-Trend Ltd, previously said that smart packaging is on the rise. “We’ve been reducing our usage of preservatives and compensating for this with smart packaging that allows for the preservation of the cream inside. We’re also seeing more ‘fresh’ products that are designed to be put in the fridge, because there is a big parallel between food and beauty,” she explained.

The modern consumer’s on-the-go lifestyle has also created a new challenge for beauty product creators, who now have to consider portable options and different formats in order to appeal to customers who may be using products on their commute, at the gym, or even in the office. This aligns with a trend for freshness, with consumers moving away from products in large pots and instead opting for single-use sachets – a potential angle for those looking to appeal to customers who lead a busy lifestyle.

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When it comes to jewellery, it can often involve an expensive product. This means that the standards are already set at a high level. More and more customers are turning towards an appreciation for individual, unique packaging, which creates a tangible way to experience a brand’s ethos.

To see success in this market, studies show that brands need to find a way to make custom packaging that customers instantly recognise as belonging to them – think classic Tiffany blue, for example. By creating this connection with the branding, the packaging becomes an extension of the product, and further enhances the experience.



Home & garden

A recent Mintel study on 2018 packaging trends found that packaging will play a key role in reducing global food and product waste, with consumers leaning towards clean labelling as their preference. Brands within this increasingly hectic marketplace will need to focus on not overloading consumers with information, instead opting for a transparent and authentic approach to branding. “Brands must bring the next generation of clean label to packaging design to provide a moment of calm and clarity for shoppers in an increasingly hectic retail environment,” the study explains.

This overall shift in consumer taste, and what they are shopping for, is sure to affect the home & garden industries. For brands within these sectors, working on understanding what it is a customer wants, and how a product can meet these needs, should ensure that packaging is reflective of this deeper understanding. Personalisation and purpose are two key tactics that brands should adopt.

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