Bottle Sealing Wax

An age-old technique used to create an airtight seal, modern day wax bottle sealing is largely a decorative application lending a heritage feel and a uniquely satisfying opening experience to your packaging.

The aesthetic appeal of bottle sealing wax can’t be overstated – it looks and feels unlike any of the more modern capsule alternatives on the market. Sealing your bottle with wax also enhances the safety of the contents, securing the cap and making it obvious if the bottle closure has been tampered with. These two qualities combine to make bottle sealing wax a medium that inspires confidence in both the product itself and the associated brand.

Signet can supply bottle sealing wax in an array of colours and finishes, including matt, gloss, pearlescent and metallic options with Pantone colour matching also available to ensure total brand compatibility. We’re the only UK company offering ultra convenient wax pellet packs as well as wax blocks, for quicker melting and simple application. Our wax recipe has been carefully refined for perfect results every time and combined with our high quality Ribbon Tear Strips, offers a memorable experience for the end user and a consistent, hand-finished look even on automated production lines.

We’re so happy we persevered with our goal in mind and found Signet!

Key Attributes

  • Stunning aesthetic and tactile appeal
  • Seals and protects contents
  • Tamper proof
  • Choose from a wide range of colours
  • Available in matt, gloss, pearlescent or metallic
  • UK’s only supplier of ultra-convenient wax pellet packs
  • Simple, consistent application by hand or machine
  • Use with our Ribbon Tear Strips

Bottle Sealing Wax


Key Information

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Creates an airtight seal whilst producing an authentic, heritage look – combine with our ribbon tear strips for effortless application and opening.  Pantone colour matching is available.


Producing a tamper-evident seal around a cap, stopper or cork while simultaneously adding a decorative element to a bottle or jar.  Supplied in block or pellet form for convenience.

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