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For an effective addition to many types of packaging, coins are an impressive way to add a touch of glamour and distinction to represent what your brand stands for. We are able to craft coins for all types of packaging, with the option to come with or without adhesive, depending on where you wish to place it. One thing’s for sure, thanks to our location devices you never have to worry about mismatched, or misplaced, branding when you’re fitting our beautiful coins.


The coins that Signet create can be applied anywhere onto a bottle or box, and quickly become an integral element within the packaging itself. These die-cast coins can be round or oval, flat or curved, meaning that they are perfect for crafting into a truly unique design. They can also be used as a marque, and are usually a permanent branding feature for a product.

Why coins?

For an impressive way of branding your product, coins offer a gilded touch – with a hint of distinction and accomplishment that resonates with customers. They are designed to be an integral part of your product’s packaging, creating a permanent and lasting impression. Coins are perfect for creating an authentic, distinguished vibe, particularly when antique-effect gold colourings are used. Usually related to the brand itself, rather than an anniversary or event, these coins quickly become a recognisable feature for a company or product.



Barbados Rum

We were tasked with creating a beautiful metal coin for the decade old edition of Barbados Rum.


Jack Daniels

When working on a Limited Edition bottling of Jack Daniels, we created mini coin replicas with an antique appeal.


Jameson Whiskey

Jameson's design agency created this labelless bottle and required a decoration to enhance the look and style of the bottle, so we created a coin to match the neck label of the bottle.

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Our coins can give any packaging or bottle a grand, distinguished feel. Give your brand a magnificent lasting impression by using our elegantly designed coins to give your packaging that extra special touch.

Coins can be supplied with or without adhesive on the reverse, as a sheet or as individuals.
They can be applied during or after the bottling process.

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