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Flexible Aluminium Labels

Flexible aluminium labels are a mainstay in several luxury brands. The look of embossed metal labels is simply hard to replicate with other materials, so these items tend to stand out more easily.

Signet’s flexible aluminium labels can be made to fit a variety of applications from bottle labels to box packaging. Our process enables us to create high-quality labels with fine details and text that showcase everything from your brand’s logo to finer details like graphics and promotional text.

Why Flexible Aluminium Labels?

An aluminium label can come in different shapes, sizes and colours depending on what your brand needs. Signet can create ornate, detailed aluminium labels for wine bottles or small yet elegant inscription boxes for other packages.



Lucid Absinthe Supérieure

Lucid’s design agency Spring Design originally approached Signet with the brief to design a cut out applique for Lucid’s superior absinthe, which we then evolved into a Trilaminate label.



We created a set of embossed and printed flexible aluminium label's for the 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles, and also created a matching label for the box packaging.


Half Hitch

We were asked to create a metallic front label that would emphasise the brand and would also pay homage to the brand story and connection to Camden Lock and the rope knot that was used to moor up barges along the lock.

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The level of sophistication in design can vary depending on your preferences. Our technology allows us to manipulate the shape and apparent depth of the design to create an image that fits the design your customers will love. Each label is also made of premium-grade materials that will last long after the contents of the packaging are consumed.

Our label designs can be applied to a variety of packaging materials. Where paper or other materials will simply not do, our flexible aluminium labels provide the look that will appeal to even the most affluent consumer.

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