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Neck Wrap & Collars

When it comes to distinguishing a bottle from the competition, nothing does this better than our signature neck wraps and collars. Through a notable selection of design and material choices, we are able to craft unique packaging which is truly eye-catching.

Signet neck wraps and collars can satisfy a number of industries, including drinks and quality perfumes, and can be endlessly customisable for any design preference. With plenty of materials and styles to choose from, you can be sure each bottle truly stands out from the crowd.

Neck wraps can be made from a wide variety of high-quality materials, including leather, flexible aluminium and veneer. Our collars are created from equally high-quality items, namely metals and plastics, but can also be silicone depending on your requirements. Alongside the broad selection of materials are a huge selection of colours, and the option include a charm, to craft a truly unique design.

Why neck wrap and collar?

Neck wraps and collars offer an immediately distinct branding choice for your bottle. The high quality craftsmanship and eye catching design will ensure that your customers are drawn to your product. A neck wrap or collar can be made to match your stopper and conceal the cork, to ensure every square inch of your bottle packaging is exceptional.

Typically a neck wrap or collar will be a finishing touch to a bottle design, with the high mark of quality and distinct branding to ensure that your customers keep coming back for more.




We developed a cost-effective neck collar without compromising on quality that could be applied quickly to the bottle reducing overall production costs.


Black Grouse

We created a combined neck ring and tag for a Limited Edition Black Grouse bottling - with tons of eye-catching flair.



We were originally given a visual design of the finished pack and worked closely with the client developing samples until we created an invisible joining method and the perfect colour match for the brand.



When working with Langley’s Gin, we crafted leather neck wraps that evoked feelings of motoring mechanics.

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Signet neck wraps & collars are breaking boundaries by offering both the traditional rigid neck collar as well as more flexible wrap options. This allows you to match the embellishment to your brand perfectly.

Neck wraps are usually applied as part of the bottling process, both pre and post filling.
Neck wraps can also be assembled with other decorations (e.g. charms) underneath providing tamper evidence.
Neck wraps can be supplied as individuals, on a sheet or on a roll.
Neck collars are supplied as individuals.

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