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Signet at the American Craft Spirits Association convention

On the 11th of February, Signet will be attending the American Craft Spirits Association convention in Minneapolis in the US. Developed for the wide community of craft spirit makers, the convention and the accompanying vendor trade show unifies distillers and suppliers alike – in the true spirit of the industry.


What is the ACSA?

As the only registered national non-profit trade group representing the craft industry in the US, the American Craft Spirit Association works with one sole mission in mind – to elevate and advocate for the community of craft spirit producers. Governed by a Board of Directors who are democratically elected by members of the association, the ACSA works together with a transparent and responsive approach and in accordance with their bylaws.

Despite there being no official definition of what constitutes a craft spirit, the American Craft Spirit Association strives to ensure that, while they decided not to define craft, they allow their member and consumers to come to their own definition.




Attending the ACSA

Roger Lyon, Hugh Smith and Amos Lyon from the Signet Sales team will be connecting with exhibitors at the convention, as well as networking with those attending. The overall objective of the event for Signet, aside from meeting and talking to those in the industry, is to get an in-depth experience and insight into the US craft spirit market. While in the US, the team will also be visiting Louisville, Chicago and New York, where they will be meeting with clientele.



More about the convention

Educating thousands in the safety and expansion of the craft trade, ACSA has ultimately strengthened the craft industry, providing suppliers and distillers with a successful platform to network, as well as exploring products and services.

The main focus of the education that the ACSA delivers at the convention is to aid members in developing, maintaining, and growing craft distilleries. This is so they can benefit from financial stability, safety, regulatory compliance, and the production of incomparable craft spirits. This also addresses various craft industry aspects, such as production, safety, marketing, sales, distribution, regulation, and best business practices.

There are plenty of other exhibitors who will have booths at the event, such as Moonshine University and American Spirits Exchange as well as several keynote talks on some of the most important matters in the industry. It’s sure to be an exciting and educational event for all involved.


Signet and the American Craft Spirits Association Convention

To find out more about the American Craft Spirits Association convention, or to buy your ticket for the convention, visit the event website.

If you would like to connect with one of the team whilst you are there, get in touch on +44 (0)1733 396080 or +44 (0)1577 330300 or email us at info@signetbranding.com. Alternatively, you can use our simple contact form.