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Single Malt Whisky and Classy Appeal: Inseparable Associations

M (most notably in James Bond films) and Sterling Archer (from Archer, the animated spy series), are espionage agents from different sides of the Atlantic. These two characters in recent entertainment history share a common trait, in that they are avid drinkers of single malt Scotch whisky. As one of the strongest variants of alcohol in the market, society has generally viewed it as a “man’s drink.” While it has appealed mostly to men, the drink, of late, has captured the taste buds of women, as well.

Searching through the annals of cinematic heritage reveals that it wasn’t just Rat Packer Sinatra who fancied a drink of the amber “water of life,” as the Gaelic word means; screen siren Ava Gardner expressed her love for the peaty drink, and of late, TV star Christina Hendricks has done the same. Regardless of gender specifics and market, nevertheless, from a branding perspective, it’s a dream for such fictional and real-life characters of both the silver screen and the television to represent your brand.

While you may think that appearance matters little to whisky drinkers, the truth of the matter is that packaging and labelling increase the appeal of bottled spirits, most especially when it comes to more refined drinks such as a good Scotch or whisky. The premium price tag must come with premium features: from the box to the bottle, even the engraving and the labelling, everything must hint at high-class and dignity, even an aura of mystery – traits represented by these influencers of media and entertainment. To fancy yourself refined, dignified, mysterious, are, after all, part and parcel of savouring the drink.

At Signet, we have experience in working with whiskey distillers in America and Scotland, and the process of making labels is hardly industrial. It is about creating an air about the liquor and setting the mood for the drinker, for which machines play a small part.

All about Class

Scotch is a refined drink, and while its definition changes with each individual, there is always a common denominator: it is one classy drink. It is classy in appearance, quality and taste. Good Scotch whisky embodies the character of its origins and reflects the spirit of its generation.  Our goal with each brand is to create an authentic insignia to adorn each bottle; one that best reflects the essence of the whisky.

As you can see, our work produces exemplary results. The die stamping on the Auchentoshan single malt bottle, the neck collar on the Glenfiddich 38, the die-cast coin upon a naked Jameson bottle, and the plaque on a Laphroaig box –what we can do is boundless, and our artistry is virtually limitless. Browse through our work and you will see for yourself what we bring to the table.

In addition, we take pride in using new techniques to create unique die-stamped or permanent adhesive labels. Through modern tools, we’re able to encapsulate history in the labels we create and preserve the traditions that shape the best kinds of spirits.

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