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The impact of seasonal packaging

Every year, we’re faced with a variety of different seasonal events – from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day to Father’sDay. If you’re not reminded by social media and the somewhat annoying ads that pop-up when you’re on the internet, then walking into your local supermarket ought to promptly bring you to the realisation that the next seasonal event is only around the corner.

Seasonal Events

Often accompanied by promotional banners around supermarkets and other stores, the biggest way to recognise that a seasonal event is coming up is through seasonal packaging on products – particularly wine, spirits and various confectionery. Whether it’s the hearts and red ribbons associated with Valentine’s Day, or the pastel colours and colourful eggs belonging to Easter, when it comes to seasonal packaging, especially limited edition designs, it can be easy to tell what the goal is with a new product packaging release.      

Limited Edition

However, not all seasonal events have to be the major traditional ones that come to mind. For example, in the spirit of International Women’s Day, Johnnie Walker introduced Jane Walker.  This was a change from the usual packaging, altering the striding man logo of the brand to be a woman instead. These non-traditional, but still crucial, events offer more opportunity to stand out and make a mark, particularly amongst other products on the shelves.     Seasonal packaging can also be about events, like your brand’s anniversary, a national event, or a commemorative edition. Whether it’s a 10th anniversary or a bigger milestone like a 100th anniversary, these events can prompt the most beautiful limited edition packaging as brands celebrate their accomplishments with their customers.  

What kind of impact can seasonal packaging have?

Consumers have such a wide selection of products available for them at all times, that often they find they are spoiled for choice. However, did you know that around 60% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are still made at the supermarket shelf? This is just one example of why packaging is so important; it can ultimately be the selling factor when consumers compare your product to its competitors.   Seasonal packaging only helps to further this, as it makes the product stand out more in comparison – creating a demand among your customers. In fact, many customers will collect limited edition bottles of spirits, keeping the bottle and packaging even when they’ve finished the actual product.   The concept of a seasonal or limited edition product is that it looks or tastes different from the original product, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be a totally new design. Many brands actually work with their original packaging to create a unique limited edition run, giving customers something new while ensuring their brand is still recognisable.      

Seasonal Packaging from Signet

Are you looking to expand and explore your brand’s seasonal product packaging options? At Signet, we work with a vast variety of clients to create packaging embellishments and decorations that not only enhance your product packaging, but also make your brand stand out.   To learn more about what we do, the seasonal packaging we’ve worked on previously, or to find out about how we can help with your limited edition packaging designs, call us on +44 (0)1733 396080 or +44 (0)1577 330300, or email us at info@signetbranding.com. Alternatively, you can use our simple contact form.