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The Spirit of Christmas

Even though it may almost be summer, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your Christmas packaging – if you haven’t already done so.

While there is plenty of traditional red and green packaging, paired with the collection of ribbons that we seem to accumulate over the Christmas period, the innovation seen over this time truly brings something special to the table. Whether you chose to reinvent your branding for the Christmas season, or add a simple but effective element to your existing packaging, the possibilities are endless.

Rather than talking about Christmas past, let’s visit Christmas packaging past.


Gin Baubles

In the true spirit of Christmas, Sipsmith Gin decided to embody the saying “good things come in small packages”. The concept was one of elegance and simplicity, designed to bring Sipsmith’s quintessential expression of a classic London dry gin, in miniature form, to your Christmas tree. The design of the gin bauble bottles allows Sipsmith to keep their branding, while adding a simple but festive ribbon to smaller bottles of their London dry gin. The small ribbon used to attach the bottles to the Christmas tree is also in Sipsmith’s signature deep green and gold colours.

Despite looking pristine and delicate in the display box, these miniature Sipsmith London dry gin bottles looked even better hanging from Christmas tree branches. Considering the 15,000 units of alcohol that Britons consume during the festive season, these Christmas gin bottle baubles make an effective and thoughtful present, too.


sipsmith baubles

Bottle Neck Wreaths

As a homage to Christmas decor in the more traditional sense, Eden Mill opted for a naturalistic holly wreath for their Christmas packaging embellishment. This is not only eye-catching, but also plays well with the existing branded look that Eden Mill gin is known for. While it seems like a simple addition, it presents a Christmas theme in a minimalistic style without deterring from the product’s original branding design. The wreath was made from plastic and paper materials to create a semi-realistic aesthetic. While this product’s predominant purpose is as an alcoholic beverage, the Christmas themed addition is attractive enough to be repurposed as festive decor.


neck wreath

Christmas embellishments from Signet

Are you looking to create Christmas packaging like Sipsmith or Eden Mill? Or have you got a whole new idea for how to decorate your products with Christmas embellishments? If so, we can help. When it comes to injecting some Christmas spirit into your brand, there are tons of different ways we can help you create a sense of magic. The festive season is a season of giving, and making your brand stand out amongst the crowd of beautiful, sparkly gifts is essential. From dazzling ribbons and exquisite charms to magnificent special edition labels to celebrate the season, the possibilities are endless.


Here at Signet, we pride ourselves on creating unique and innovative packaging solutions. To find out more about what we do, or to get a head start on your product’s Christmas packaging, contact us on +44 (0)1733 396080 or +44 (0)1577 330300, or email us at info@signetbranding.com. Alternatively, you can use our simple contact form.