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How can technology and packaging provide better engagement for your brand?

Thank you for talking to us. If you came to our stand, you may have been given one of our technology cards (below). If so, did you scan it? We hope you found it interesting.





Here at Signet we are always looking for new and interesting ways to develop our products. We decided to focus on technology and the new developments of NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR codes.

For those who have NFC (Android and Windows devices) this shows you how you can hover your active device over a product to be directly taken to a specific landing page. This could be a page on your website, a dedicated landing page with specific content on, e.g. a cocktail recipe page, or even a social media page. There are lots of options of where an NFC chip can point your audience.

If you scanned the QR code, you were directed to the same page as the NFC chip. Apple doesn’t offer NFC yet (without downloading an app), so we used a QR code to show you how you could connect with all of your market. The QR code has the same capability as an NFC chip, although it does need to be visible.


Technology bottle


Did you have a chance to look at our sample technology bottle? If you did, we hope you enjoyed having the opportunity to see how new technology could work for you. If not, don’t worry, we will be posting a video on our Facebook page soon. On the bottle we placed an NFC chip behind the seal on the front and placed a QR code on the back of the neck charm, we then encouraged visitors to our stand to scan our sample bottle so they could experience what their customers would experience in store. We had positive feedback from everyone, especially after Lisa Mac’s keynote speech on technology at The Spirit Summit in November 2016.


Thank you again for talking to us. if you would like any more information on any of the products you saw at the show or you have read about above or if you would like a sample pack, please get in touch on +44 (0)1733 396080 or +44 (0)1577 330300 or email us on