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Ribbon Tear Strips – What Makes Them Better?

A bottle without a foil collar or capsule covering can look a little bare. The reason these were added to bottles initially was to stop the corks being snacked on by pests and critters in cellars. Nowadays they are used for decoration and offer a sense of tradition.

Orchard Gin Damson Gin ribbon pull

The feeling of tearing the seal off a bottle of gin is excitement to sample what is inside. It feels luxurious and extravagant, unless you end up with a cut from the aluminium.

When thinking about what you want your bottle to say, the last thing you want to worry about is whether consumers are going to injure themselves or if they are unable to open the bottle because the foil pull tab has broken.wax ribbon pull tab with exposed stopper


Dipping your gin bottle in wax creates a beautiful finish but it often gets a bad press as people find it hard to take off if it’s just on it’s own. No-one wants to spend time chipping wax off a bottle to get to their delicious gin. This is where you (yes you!) the bottle designer need to give them a quick and easy way to get in.

Ribbon strips really come into their own here and allow you to have a product with a wax seal that oozes luxury, and looks like wax, but people can easily pull and open their beloved bottle. This works perfectly with either stoppers or to expose the cork below so that people can put the corkscrew in and extract quickly.Sipsmith vodka ribbon pull

Depending on the application required, ribbon tear strips can be customised in terms of colours and lengths so that your product branding is carried through right to the last detail.

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Brighton gin wax ribbon pulls