Owned by Quintessential Brands and distilled by Joanne Moore at G&J Distillers, Bloom Gin is a brand new concept in gin and the first to be created specifically with women in mind. Featuring key botanicals of chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo, it has a distinctively delicate, fresh and floral flavour, with a touch of sweetness and a smooth finish. Bloom’s feminine qualities are further displayed in its elegant bottle and delicate branding, which evokes all the beauty of nature.


Bloom secured a high profile Valentine’s Day promotion with high-end supermarket Waitrose – reason enough to do something really special with their bottle, but in addition to this, a caveat of the promotion was that if the product did not perform well enough, it risked being delisted altogether. The company approached Signet for help to create an impressive ‘extra’ to bolster their seasonal campaign without adding unnecessary complications or cost to the bottling process.


After initial discussions with the client, we settled on the addition of a bow to the bottle that would be simple to apply whilst helping the product to stand out on shelf. Bloom’s initial preference was for a very feminine, delicate bow but this proved difficult to produce as the ribbon was quite soft and the bows looked rather limp and uninspiring. We went back to the drawing board and pitched the idea of a bow tie; turning this traditionally masculine accessory on its head by producing it in a beautiful soft pink ribbon with gold edging. The design was inspired by a piece we had previously created for Chase Distillery, and it proved to be a huge success. A key challenge on this project was the timescale; for obvious reasons the date of the promotion was non-negotiable and with Bloom having come up with the idea fairly late in the day, we faced real difficulties in meeting the tight delivery deadlines required by Waitrose for distribution purposes. Signet pulled out all the stops to make it happen, delivering the hand cut and sewn bows on time for application to the bottles before they went out.


Having made the deadline, the next challenge was to see if the campaign would work and we were delighted with the response to the product, as were Bloom. The gin sold extremely well and we are pleased to report that Bloom is still stocked in Waitrose stores across the UK. The success of this project and Signet’s commitment to delivering within a tight deadline also won us the respect of G&J, who have since commissioned us to work on a new, large project for a super-premium product called Berkeley Square gin.

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Never under-estimate the impact of finish elements like a seal. It’s not always about print or labelling!

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