Faux Wax Seals

The use of wax to seal and authenticate official documents using a metal stamp or signet is a time-honoured technique that still resonates today. It’s not surprising, therefore, that heritage brands have sought out ways to replicate the look and feel of wax seals whilst enabling their use in modern retail settings.

Signet’s range of faux wax seals has been carefully developed to mimic the texture and appearance of real wax while ensuring the finished product is both beautiful and durable, capable of rendering ornate detail that lends sophistication to bottles, boxes and paper documents.

Faux wax seals are suitable for application to even the smoothest surfaces and can be made flat or curved. Available in a vast array of sizes, colours and styles, faux wax seals can be combined with other embellishments including ribbons and cords to make inventive hanging tags, or enhanced using foil blocking for a truly decadent look.

Never under-estimate the impact of finish elements like a seal. It’s not always about print or labelling!

Key attributes

  • Prestige aesthetics
  • Mimics the look and feel of real wax
  • Versatile and durable
  • Available in a vast array of colours and finishes
  • Crisp, ornate detailing
  • Suitable for almost any surface
  • Supplied with or without adhesive
  • Optional location aids
  • Automation friendly

Faux Wax Seals


Key Information

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Replicates the texture and appearance of real wax using polymer blends injection moulded in a custom die to produce stunningly intricate detail suitable for fixed or hanging embellishments.


Available with curved or flat profile to accommodate the curve of a bottle or the flat surface of a box.  Can be moulded onto ribbon or cord to make a hanging decoration or security mechanism.

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