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Domed resin labels are a unique way to add elegance to a particular product. By using Signet-exclusive methods of manipulating PE, or metallic foil substrate, and then printing using manual silk-screening, varnish, hot oil techniques and other embossing processes, we make a product that outshines all others and ensures that the clients’ products stand out.


With the resin doming process, it is possible to create a number of elegant packaging effects, textures and sophisticated product labels that complement a wide range of materials. The process creates embellishment features such as:

  • Multiple layer design through the use of high-build printing and resin doming
  • Tamper-proof evidence via micro-perforation techniques

Our resin doming comes with a self-adhesive feature to provide clients with the production efficiency they require, eliminating the need for other adhesive materials and processes.

In addition to the self-adhesive finish, Signet offers the faux-embossed glass transfer finish that adds a sophisticated effect to glass packaging. This creates a clear and polished yet distinct look for products with clear packaging, making it the perfect enhancement for jars, bottles and other similar containers.


The resulting embellishments and finishes from our resin doming process provide a premium feel to any product, making your brand stand out even more. Lending a luxurious touch to any packaging, they are designed to perfectly complement and enhance your brand aesthetic. Domed resin labels and seals are suitable for both flat and curved surfaces, making them ideal embellishments for a wide range of luxury items, from drinks and food to perfume and flooring.

When you work with Signet you have the assurance that each embellishment has gone through a meticulous and specialised processes, meaning that, just like your brand, each one is designed and manufactured to a high standard. Let Signet create unrivalled aesthetics that add an additional touch of prestige to your brand. We look forward to working with you.


  • Flexible label products ideal for flat and curved products
  • Produced in clear and used on glass gives a faux embossed glass effect
  • Multiple level of design to create maximum impact through use of embossing, high-build print and resin doming
  • Micro-perforation provides tamper proof evidence
  • Available on reels for automatic assembly


  • Other
  • Self-Adhesive Label


  • Faux-Embossed Glass Transfers
  • Resin-Domed Self-Adhesive Labels