Resin Doming


Elegant and versatile, resin doming from our Levere range brings a uniquely tactile quality to any product decoration.  It can be used as a standalone technique or combined with other products in our range to create an effect that outshines everything else on the shelf.

Levere transforms a label, sticker or other two dimensional product into a 3D element with an almost liquid or glazed appearance that catches the light and captures the imagination. Exclusive methods including the manipulation of PE or metallic foil substrate, and printing using manual silk-screening, high build, varnish, hot oil techniques and embossing, forms a deluxe foundation for the application of a resin ‘lens’ which brings colours and details to life in three dimensions.

Selective resin doming can be used to create a number of elegant packaging effects including multiple layer designs and faux glass embossing through the application of transparent resin transfers.  It can also be used to wonderful effect in the creation of high-value, tamper evident seals when combined with micro perforation.  Our resin domed products are supplied complete with self adhesive backing for simple, one step application on both flat and curved surfaces.

Never under-estimate the impact of finish elements like a seal. It’s not always about print or labelling!


  • Takes basic labels to the next level
  • Tactile and eye-catching
  • Ultra professional look
  • Create embossed glass effects with clear resin
  • Combine several techniques for maximum impact
  • Micro-perforation provides tamper proof evidence
  • Available on reels for automatic assembly

Resin Doming


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