While hand finishing delivers a unique look and feel that’s ideal for artisan producers, the speed and efficiency of automated lines is essential for large scale production in many of the industries we serve.

Signet’s proactive ethos means our clients never have to compromise on productivity. We frequently liaise with bottlers and production lines to facilitate smooth, efficient running and we’re open to conducting site visits as and when required, particularly on complex projects. This attention to detail ensures flawless operational performance and allows our clients to achieve an artisan, hand-embellished look on a grand scale.


Hand packaging is a craft which is perfect for smaller brands and smaller quantities. However, when it comes to large product batches, automation offers a solution as the quickest method of application.

As automated packaging is a technology-based service and requires machinery, it also leaves less room for human error – which reduces wastage and improves overall efficiency. For brand and product consistency, automated packaging techniques are an ideal choice.

The automated packaging services that we offer are time saving and cost-effective, while also being paired with the same high quality that all Signet processes demonstrate.

While the speed and low-cost contribute to the success of the automation process, the minimal wastage is a key aspect of why automation works in packaging.

Not only do you receive a large number of packaged products by implementing automated techniques into your production line, but you also reduce the amount of time and resources wasted through manual packaging.

We’ve worked closely with a variety of clients to ensure that our automated services are as detailed as the rest of our bespoke packaging solutions. Our automated services work with the full range of our products, allowing you to mass produce packaging while still adding a personal touch.


Automation design goes hand in hand with both our NPD and quality control departments to ensure that a product destined for an automated line is designed to perform well both at the point of application and at the point of sale. We pay special attention to things like backing papers and adhesives to ensure total compatibility with your machinery. If problems arise, we take proactive approach with both the sales and quality teams visiting site to see the issues first hand, before developing a solution. Sometimes it’s the case that a product that works for one customer doesn’t work so well for another, and we’re committed to the refinement of everything in our range to accommodate a bespoke specification, visiting your bottling plant as many times as it takes to make it perfect. This attention to detail ensures flawless operational performance and allows our clients to achieve an artisan, hand-embellished look on a grand scale.

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Our automated packaging service is also customisable, allowing you to present your brand in the best way possible. Whether it’s specific colours, the finish, or any additional processes or additions, we’re here to provide you with packaging designed specifically for you and your brand.


When it comes to automated packaging, we take into account the size and shape of the product to ensure that the service we provide is a good fit. We will work with you, and any third parties to ensure the products we supply work with your automation system. We have visited sites to watch the automation process so we can predict any potential issues and we work with you to run tests and create the right product for your brand and your application process.

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Signet’s expertise in the development of bespoke product embellishments is unmatched and we pride ourselves on our ability to guide and inform our customers, from initial enquiry right through to delivery and beyond.  If you’ve got a wacky idea, a tricky problem or you simply don’t know where to begin, our team of experts is waiting to help – contact us today to start your Signet journey.

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