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A hangtag is an excellent option for brands looking to communicate more information to their customers, in a format that quickly becomes an integral part of the packaging. They offer the opportunity to either become a constant addition to the bottle, or a temporary way to commemorate a special edition.

Signet can create single sided or double sided hangtags, that can either be single or multiple pages, or come in a multi-fold booklet format. These can be made from metal, card, paper, plastic, wood, leather, or fabric. Hangtags can feature any print that your brand requires, and can even include a smart tag, such as an NFC tag.

Why hangtags?

Hangtags offer tons of opportunity for brands to convey a message to their customers. A benefit of using this type of branding is the available space located on the tag – with plenty of room to convey a message, or communicate a brand’s story or heritage. Hangtags are also easy to attach to different types of bottle, and can be applied in-store in order to personalise products – minimising disruption or additional work. Depending on the material you choose, hangtags offer a tactile, multi-sensory experience for a customer to connect with a brand or product.



Eccentric Gin

We created 4 different dog tags for Eccentric Gin, designed to feature on a range of Limited Edition releases.



We created an innovative hangtag utilising the brands copper colour by incorporating it into the ribbon, popperlock and printed tag.


Absolut Vodka

We created an "orange peel" finished seal for the swing tag to hang from to compliment the new mandarin flavour

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Hangtags allow you to communicate an additional message by creating extra space on the packaging. Signet can help you to design hangtags in many different styles from a booklet to a single-sided special edition tag.

Hangtags can be adhered to the bottle by cord, ribbon, elastic, chain, or leather. They can be applied during production or at store

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