Beautiful and practical, hangtags are a dynamic addition to any bottle or box, with the potential to add a valuable extra layer both in terms of visual appeal and informative practicality.

From simple cardstock and chunky leather luggage tags to folded mini booklets and even embossed metal, hanging tags are popular with companies looking to showcase their creativity or heritage above and beyond what is expressed in their core branding. With few limits as to the complexity of the design, clients can avail of techniques such as foil blocking, die cutting and embossing to produce captivating designs that enhance the overall look of their product.

Simultaneously, the extra copy space afforded by the tag – particularly multi-leaf options – gives ample scope for providing extra information to the customer, whether it’s care or consumption guidance, or insights into the brand story. Hangtags can be further enhanced with the addition of feature eyelets, smart technology like NFC tags, and of course a large array of ribbons and cords.

We’re so happy we persevered with our goal in mind and found Signet!

Key Attributes

  • Creative, dynamic medium
  • Wide range of materials e.g. cardstock, leather, metal, plastic
  • Adapts from contemporary to classic
  • Compatible with various print processes
  • Can be added in store for greater flexibility
  • Ideal for promotions and limited runs
  • Provides additional space for information
  • Potential to double up as loyalty/collector cards
  • Combine with ribbons, coins etc for a custom look

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Key Information

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Hangtags may be crafted from cardstock, metal or even leather to produce a striking embellishment that affords the opportunity to display additional information and artwork.


Suspend from the bottle neck for a highly tactile and informative marketing tool that shows off your branding to full effect.  Choose luxe materials like leather for a keepsake quality embellishment.

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