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Benefiting from our experience in the trade, and the wealth of knowledge we have gained in over 20 years of product design, Signet utilises a range of proven techniques to create bespoke luxury embellishments. In addition to processes such as resin doming and die-casting, we also offer injection moulding services, which involve an intricate process and the use of highly specialised tools.

The injection moulding process is, in essence, the creation of bespoke 3D products using custom-designed moulds. Mainly made from hardened steel, the moulds are engineered with varying numbers of cavities, depending on the size of the final product requested. Prototype samples, used for initial trials, are sometimes made from brass. The embellishments are moulded using a variety of thermo-setting polymers with different finishes, and the final product can be flexible or rigid, depending on the type of polymers used— e.g. HIPS or PVC/TPU.


Polymer injection moulding works well for various types of plastic packaging and creates a variety of beautiful finishes, according to our clients’ wishes. You may choose from finishes such as:

  • Metallisation
  • Soft Touch Rubber Coating
  • Spray
  • Flocking
  • Hot Foil Print Designs

Handled by the well-trained team of injection moulders, you can rest assured that the process is followed as it should be, and that the product is created according to your requirements, with Signet’s brand of class.


The injection moulded embellishments can be manufactured in rich colours, achieved using a master batch colour system. Clients may also request a customised pantone colour, which Signet can effortlessly replicate. The finished embellishments may be attached to ribbons and cords to create sophisticated styles that put your product in the spotlight, making it stand out from the rest.

If you are looking for a company that can provide a luxurious and intricate addition to your product packaging, then you have found it in Signet. We utilise modern injection moulding processes and tools to create an item that will add a touch of class to your product. Work with us today.



  • Capability to over mould onto cord or ribbon to create an integral product. Also micro-injection of more than one colour polymer
  • Polymer colours are achieved using a stock master batch colour system but can also be colour matched to a pantone colour on request
  • Finishes available include metallisation, soft touch rubber coating, spray, flocking, hot foil print designs and many new ideas continually embraced



  • Plastic


  • Flocking
  • Hot foil print designs
  • Metallisation
  • Soft touch rubber coating
  • Spray