Injection Moulding


Injection moulding can be used to create a variety of 3D pieces including badges, charms and faux wax seals from plastic. Injection moulded decorations are capable of rendering intricate detail in a robust format that is available in a vast array of sizes, colours and finishes to dovetail effortlessly with your brand image.

Injection moulding involves the creation of precision-machined moulds made from hardened steel. Prototype moulds may also be made from brass.  Liquid polymer is forcibly injected into the mould, where it cools and hardens to produce the finished embellishment.

A variety of thermo-setting polymers can be used to achieve different finishes, and the final product can be flexible or rigid. Ribbons and cords may be incorporated at the moulding stage to produce a fully integrated product.

We’re so happy we persevered with our goal in mind and found Signet!


  • Sophisticated look
  • Beautifully crisp, intricate decorations
  • Unrivalled technological expertise
  • Excellent consistency across a broad colour spectrum
  • Pantone matching available
  • Use multiple colours with micro-injection
  • Mould onto cord or ribbon for an integral product
  • Enhance with additional techniques if required
  • New tech continually embraced

Colours & Finishes

The use of polymers means that injection moulded embellishments are available in a wide range of rich colours, using a master batch colour system to ensure consistency.  Clients may also request a customised Pantone colour, or combine colours using micro-injection techniques.  Once cooled and set, embellishments can be further enhanced using additional processes including metallization, rubber coating, flocking and hot foil.

Injection Moulding


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